About Arcadiansoft

Founded in 2017, ArcadianSoft has swiftly emerged as a beacon of innovation in the digital realm. Merging cutting-edge solutions with deep-rooted expertise, we've been transforming tech aspirations into tangible results.


We are a Technical Consulting Company Based out of Long Island, NY

Rooted on Long Island, NY, ArcadianSoft proudly stands as a testament to New York's vibrant tech scene. Serving the Greater New York Area, we've become synonymous with digital excellence, weaving the dynamism of the city into each project. Experience the blend of local insight and global expertise, only with ArcadianSoft.


Rick Bruckner

CEO, Founder

With 10 years in Software Engineering and 5 years in Device/Computer Repair i am sure i can help you with any Technical Aspirations you may have.

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